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The Unfinished Project

Updated: Aug 6

Y'all ever start a project and not finish it?

No way - especially not us quilters, right?

Today, I'm going to blog about what you don't see. Not the beautifully finished quilt projects with perfectly lit pictures and complimentary backgrounds - but unfinished, half-done, ran out out of steam or just plain hate the look after you've gotten half way thought.

I had a great idea (what I thought was a great idea) for a project. I envisioned a modern take on a half square triangle block, except it was an exploding triangle in the center with traditional half triangle blocks flanking the center.

In my head, I was a genius and this was the best idea ever.

For this amazing quilt, I used scrapes leftover from another project. Winning.

I even created a draft of this mind-blowing good idea.

And then, off to the machine with a nice refreshing drink. I didn't worry very much about measurement and such. Working off my draft, I create the center. Wow! It looked soooo much like my draft. What a winner. This is when it started to go south for me.

As I tried to start piecing the navy half square triangles around the exploding center, it just fell flat. I didn't like the way it was looking. When I stop taking pictures of my projects, it's usually a good indication that I'm not happy with the outcome.

And this is how it stayed. Unfinished.

So what now? I could slap some batting and a backing on it and practice free motion quilting. I could throw it in the trash.

And here it lies, a taunting, menacing UFO in the corner of my sewing room. Mocking me.

Although now, after all that venting, I think I'm starting to like it again. Maybe I'll even try to finish it one day.

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