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The No-Sew Mask

Because, when it comes to masks, more is more

Backpack? Check.

Lunchbox? Check.


We've all added this one new item to our school day checklist for start of the 2020 school year. Adding the mask to the checklist might be just as, if not more, important than other items on the list, and certainly requires just as much planning as making lunches do. The CDC recommends that masks should be washed after each use.

Though sticking them in the washer with the rest of the school clothes is acceptable, we all have more than one set of uniforms, socks, and undies. It makes sense to have more than one mask per child, too.

Summer was a great time to make your own mask, but between homework and practices, you might be missing some of the time that you used to be able to devote to making. Instead of buying a mask, consider making a no-sew face mask! There are many ways to make your own mask, but we like this method that the CDC recommends.

Here's what you'll need:

1 bandana

2 rubber bands or ponytail holders

Step 1: Lay out the bandana

Step 2: fold over the top and bottom of the bandana, making a skinny rectangle. There should be 3 layers of fabric at this point

Step 3: slid on the rubber bands/ponytail holders so that the fabric is divided into 3 sections

Step 4: fold over the outside parts of the fabric, doubling the layers of fabric where the mouth will go. Tuck the layers of fabric on both sides into the opposite side's rubber bands/pony tail holders (this provides extra support!)

Step 5: try on your no-sew mask! Make sure to readjust the fabric so that the mouth and nose areas are covered with multiple layers of fabric.

We know that wearing masks are uncomfortable and, frankly, not very stylish. We hope that this quick and easy no-sew mask takes some of the strain off of our new normal--and might even provide more ways to stylize your mask-on look!

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