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Spring Clean Your Fabric Stash

I save everything. Receipts for the library books I check out, napkins from Chipotle, and almost every glass kombucha bottle I've ever bought. The same thing goes for my fabric stash.

A 2" by 2" piece of Stripe 1/8 Inch Denim? It's in there. A 1" by 12" strip of Creative Cats Kitty Knitting (without a single kitty or ball of yarn left in tack)? I might even have two. The same goes for my other crafting goods too. I have a few feet of yarn that I simply must find a use for. I have inches of Auriful thread that can only be use for a leash for a bumble bee.

My mantra is "waste not, want not" and, though that has served me well--so well that I wrote a blog defending my fabric stash--all good things must come to an end. It's time for me to spring clean my fabric stash.

I know spring is still two weeks away, but this is going to take some time to mentally prepare. I plan on using the turn-them-into-precuts method, but I have some other back up ideas just in case.

1. Turn them into precuts: I mentioned that I have super small scraps. I worry that they might come in handy one day, but for me and my habits, they probably won't. So, for the one's that aren't big enough to become precuts, see backup plan 3.

2. Organize by color: But, if you can't part with even your tiniest of scraps, organize those babies by color! I have two sets of these adorable wicker baskets from Amazon that I can artfully arrange around my craft room (ok, I might be convincing myself to go this route instead).

3. Shred 'em!: This is my second backup plan because I think it'll be cathartic to use my favorite old scraps for stuffing. I love the idea of using something I loved to making something new to love. Plus, it's ecofriendly!

And to reward myself for my hard work, I'm going on a shopping spree for fabric that screams spring! On my list is: Artisan Batiks: Daybreak; Little Foresters Bumble Foresters; and of course, Music Box Spring Flowers!

If you choose to take on this challenge, best of luck! Let this season of dawn renew you!

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