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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Lessons Learned at Old Man River Quilt Fest 2018

In 2018 after starting to sell fabrics from my Esty shop, my husband and I took a weekend trip to Vicksburg, Mississippi, for the Old Man River Quilt Fest. The trip—meant to be a weekend getaway as well as to garner inspiration for my own quilting—turned out to be much more valuable to what would later become Lost Creative Fabrics than I could have ever imagined.

The biannual festival—which had over 200 quilts on display, some of my favorites which you can view below!—provided a wonderful opportunity for me to observe others’ craft and set expectations for my own journey with Lost Creative Fabrics.

Here are a few things I learned about quilting from some of the incredibly talented quilter at the show:

  1. Choose quality fabrics: a quilt is art, but it can also be so much more—comfort on a chilly day, a gift, or something destined to become an heirloom. In order to ensure that your quilt provides visual joy and physical comfort, choosing quality fabric is essential. All fabrics curated by Lost Creative Fabrics are chosen with quality as the first requirement.

  2. Give yourself grace: whether you are a beginner or long-time quilter, mistakes are bound to happen. We know that mistakes can be disappointing, and because of that, you can contact us anytime for advice or inspiration.

  3. Set an intention for your project: though an intention can be purposely vague—such as create something beautiful to starting a new hobby—nothing is ever purposeful without intention. Lost Creative Fabrics was designed with the intention to curate designer fabrics for you.

The inspiration I gained at the Old Man River Quilt Fest has carried over to Lost Creative Fabrics. Everything we do—from wholesale to you—comes back to these principles to ensure that you, too, can find joy in your craft.

Rainbow Kaleidoscope by Dorinda Evans

This was my favorite quilt in the entire show. I love the bright colors, geometric design, and beautiful quilting.

Lime Zest by Pam Clark

Here is a close up of the quilting on Lime Zest. This quilt was a close second as my favorite of the show. The quilting is spectacular.

Juxtaposition by Shelley Taylor

Double Wedding Ring by Carolyn Smith

Garden Maze by Brenda Sue Britt

Strings of Friendship by Lee Ann Lively

Wonky Town I, USA by Judy Egan

Refuge by Julia Graber

Oh, Peter by Cathy Reininger

Reflections of Cape Town by Cynthia England

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