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Love, Lost Creative

February is a my favorite month for a few reasons: I'm a Feburary baby; Mardi Gras, my favorite holiday, is usually in February; and February brings the promise of March, which means spring will come again. But my favorite thing in all of February is Valentine's Day.

I love Valentine's Day not only because of my wonderful life partner, an amazing group of Galentines, and reduced price candy on the 15th. I love Valentine's day because I simply love love. I love the idea of being completely infatuated with a person, thing, or idea: our goals, our dreams, and our passions.

Here at Lost Creative, our love is in the designer fabrics we curate for you. We consider your making goals and interests and hope that our fabrics make you take on challenges. Above all else, we hope that our small business helps you to love whatever making it is that you do.

Loving involves seeing you as a whole person. With that in mind, we expanded our shop to include many aspects of making to help you deepen your love and surround you with beautiful things. From angel scissors to flamingo turning tools, from stunning elastics to adorable pins, we want you to love every part of your craft.

As makers as well as fabric curators, we know that so often our work is not for ourselves, but rather to show love to others. Whether making pillow for a little one's room using Little Foresters, getting ready for holiday gifting with Cozy and Joyful, or making a gorgeous floral quilt with Rosewood Fusion, we know that your work often goes on as a gift to a loved one. With our wide selection of fabric collections, we hope to provide the perfect fabric for whoever you have in mind.

Creative Cats "Cat Library" for Dear Stella--my favorite fabric in our shop!

At the same time, we all can use some time to love ourself! Because of that, we've recently added gifts for you in our shop. For the Serious Seamstress, like our founder Donielle, we have elegant seam-ripper necklaces. And for the Beginning Baster, like myself, we have super cute mugs and totes that make me feel more legit than I am!

Perhaps above all else, what is love without sharing it? Our Lost Creative community is a community of love, kindness, and exploration. From our home base in Lafayette, Louisiana, to the makers who support us from around the country, we adore the friendships that have been made, the support we give and receive, and the energy of this blossoming community. Join us there on Facebook and Instagram.

We hope that you find love in all aspects of your life this month.

Love, Lost Creative ❤️

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