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In Defense of the Fabric Stash

Project Ideas for Items in Your Fabric Stash

Whether your excess fabric is overflowing from cardboard boxes, satisfyingly organized like those on Pintrest, or you are looking to add to it, all of us makers have a fabric stashthose pieces of fabric waiting to turned into something beautiful.

A quick Google search will show the stigma that many makers have around fabric stashes—the need to declutter, intensely organize, or hide it away. But we at Lost Creative believe that having a hearty fabric stash is important. Your fabric stash can be a source of inspiration for you to make and show you the possibilities waiting to made. But if you're struggling to find creativity in your fabric stash, here are a few small project ideas to help you dig deep into your fabric stash and make something beautiful.

  1. Whether you're taking mac-n-cheese out of the microwave or carrying your favorite casserole dish into a dinner party, there's no need to burn your hands when you can make a bowl cozy from your fabric stash! We love this creative take on the pot holder and doubly love that it's made with repurposed material rather than something store bought.

  2. It seems like the face mask might not only be a summer 2020 accessory. As we move into the fall, we all might need to continue making masks for ourselves and others. Those scraps of your favorite fabric can help you to make our version of the face mask in a few easy steps!

  3. One of our favorite things about our fabric stash is that it inspires us to keep on making! If you feel like taking up a bigger project, try making a genuine patchwork quilt using just fabrics in your stash. This quilt, made from fabrics that you chose for projects you already love, will be an authentic representation of you.

Living a life of excess and clutter is not something to aspire to, but we believe that having a hearty fabric stash is important for sparking creativity. In fact, having fabric on hand might encourage you to start new projects, inspire you to create something you've never made before, or take on that project you've been procrastinating. A deep and curated fabric stash can help you to think more resourcefully, more intentionally, and help to spark your creative joy.

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