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Fabric Bookmarks

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

What happens when you combine your love of fabric and reading? Bookmarks, of course!

I've been seeing these super cute fabric bookmarks everywhere lately and I LOVE THEM. Here's why:

They are quick and easy to make.

Nothing is more frustrating then when a project promises to be quick & easy - then isn't. This, my friends, is the real deal of easy projects. Bonus points if you already have a few 4 inch squares lying around from another project!

  • Take three 4 inch squares.

  • Press one square in half.

  • Sew the three layers together (rights side together with triangle in the middle) leaving an opening to turn.

  • Topstitch.

So easy.

They look and feel amazing.

They add a sophisticated touch to reading. It doesn't matter if you're reading a hardcover classic or a Marvel comic, this bookmark ups your book game and makes reading so stylish. Like the difference in experience of an actual book compared to an electronic reader, utilizing a silky fabric bookmark creates an elevated experience for the user.

Plus... fabric. I love fabric. Caress-the-fabric-and-hold-it-to-your-face kinda love. This project is made for your favorite prints so you can carry them around with you anywhere you go!

They make great gifts.

A heartfelt, handmade gift in 5 minutes? Yes, please! Just because it didn't take years to make, doesn't mean it's any less special. Handmaking a gift is such a nice gesture to show someone you care.

I goofed and forgot to get my husband a anniversary gift. Oops. To show how contrite I was, I crafted a handmade gift in addition to a traditional gift to show him I do indeed still love him after 6 years.

My wonderful, amazing co-blogger and social media specialist fell in love with the print "Kitty Garden" from Dear Stella Fabrics. She won't know until she reads this, but she's getting a bookmark with that print and "Moonscape in Bellini" for being so great (and because it's so quick to make!).

If you usually get a Christmas present from me, you might just be getting a fabric bookmark this year. What a fun thing to look forward to family!

They preserve memories.

My kids are growing, as kids tend to do. From their closet, I was pulling clothes they've outgrown and just couldn't bear to part with some. Instead of donating, I cut squares out of the fabric and made bookmarks so I could treasure the memories associated with special outfits from when they were smaller.

Memory bears are a popular way to use clothes of a loved one who has died, but these fabric bookmarks would also make a cherished keepsake. You could tuck a bookmark into a bible or keep it with you in your current reads.

I hope this encourages you to create a fabric bookmark of your own.

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