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An Ode to Fall Making

The calendar tells us so, but it doesn't feel like fall yet--making can bring me that fall feeling

Happy fall, y'all! The earth has titled again! It's comforting to know that despite life getting derailed for the past three seasons, the seasons are a constant change that will always bring something new to our lives!

But, despite the (slightly) cooler weather and pumpkin spice everything, it's hard for me too feel this season. I've been watching football games from my living room instead of cheering alongside other Saints fans. I haven't started thinking about--much less, started making--my Halloween costume yet. And I can never get the question out of my head if it's appropriate to wear my white masks after Labor Day. In my mind, I still feel like it is March 2020.

But the seasons is changing and time is moving forward. Whether we feel it or not, fall has arrived! It is on us, then, to make the season feel alive in our hearts.

I can't think of a better way to do that then spend a day (or a few days or the whole season!) making! Here are a few ideas I've been waiting for the perfect moment to try:

Flower Pillow: I absolutely love anything floral, so I might have to try making one of every flower pillow Hub Pages suggests! I especially love this project for a fall craft because it will be an easy way to bring fall colors into my house for this season!

Letter Board Quilt: If I can ever decide on a phrase, I am totally making this Letter Board Quilt! Actually, I know I'll end up making a few because these are the perfect customizable gifts!

Double Layered Skirt: my friend is expecting her second baby in a few months and I cannot wait to shower her with so many gifts! I've already started working on a Heart Quilt, but I know I won't be able to stop myself from making a square circle skirt for Big Sister, too! Make It and Love It's square circle skirt has two layers, which will be perfect for Big Sister wearing it with or without leggings!

Holiday Everything!: I simply cannot think about fall without thinking about Christmas! My fall making will certainly feature a few items that I'll be able to put around my house when it is socially acceptable to start decorating for Christmas! First up, Fabric House Ornaments. Second up, holiday napkin rings. We have Art Gallery Fabric's Cozy & Joyful in stock now and I can't wait to mix and match my fabrics and crafts!

Whether through making, baking, or drinking cider, I hope that you find a way to make this fall season feel true to you! 🍂🎃🍎🦃🍁

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