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A New Adventure: Grayson’s Quilt

Updated: Aug 6

Baby Adventure Quilt

A baby changes everything, they say. When I found out that I was pregnant for my first son, Grayson, that saying held true for me, too: it was time for me to start quilting. Even though I procrastinated my quilting—just as Grayson procrastinated his arrival one week late—Grayson’s adventure quilt is the project that brought me back to my sewing machine. I forgot how much I love creating with fabric and the spirit of adventure that comes with creating something new.

My husband and I decided on a general theme of adventure for the baby's room and this baby adventure quilt was going to be the center piece (which was later complimented by a second center piece, Grayson’s kids’ Kids’ Teepee). I gathered a bundle of different colored scraps from my fabric stash. I try to make the most out of my fabric by keeping my scraps so that I can repurpose them for projects like this!

I used the pattern "Leah's Star" from Quilt in a Day to create most of the blocks. I chose Leah’s Star because it reminded me of a compass and my hope that Grayson always follow his dreams.

The four corner squares are a pattern called Bachelor’s Puzzle. Bachelor’s Puzzle is a classic pattern and a quick Google search will provide you with a few different ways to create it.

For the boarder, I made sure to tie in all of the fabrics I used from Leah’s Star and Bachelor’s Puzzle. I didn’t follow a pattern when placing the colored strips of fabric and I find that, coupled with the variety of colors, the boarders pop and foster a whimsical feeling—like the excitement that comes with setting out on an adventure!

The finished size of this baby adventure quilt is 36 inches wide by 45 inches long. It turned out to be a great size for Grayson to practice tummy time and encourage him to crawl.

It was only after my quilt was completed and we brought Grayson home that I realized how much of an adventure the next few years would turn out to be—both for Lost Creative Fabrics and my growing family.

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